Joe Botto, MA

Recruiter | Talent Advisor | Talent Acquisition | Crypto Investor

As a Recruiter with over 12yrs. of combined experience within both United States Army Recruiting Command, In-house Corporate Recruiting, and Staffing Industry positions, I will use my knowledge, skill and experience to assure a successful and transparent engagement for both hiring managers and candidates.

Before entering into the civilian recruiting industry, I worked for 15 years in the United States Military. Some of my positions included Section Leader, Platoon Leader (Afghanistan), Field Supervisor, Leadership Academy Instructor, US Army Recruiter, Future Soldier Training Mentor, and US Army Medical Department Recruiter.  

After a successful career in the military, helping highly qualified clients into new career paths, (e.g. CFO/CEO, Emergency Room Physicians, Psychiatrists, and Dentists), I am conducting the same high quality service in the civilian sector. Some of the industries I have recruited in are, but not limited to: Healthcare, Accounting & Finance, Hospitality, C-level executives, Transportation, and IT. Some of my clients have included Soup Plantation, American Red Cross, Hogan Trucking, and Levi Straus

I have a BA in Marketing, and a MA in Organizational Leadership.

I enjoy reading non-fictional crime and military history books.

I am available to help you with all your recruiting needs and to provide a worry free staffing duties for you and your company.

You can reach me at